Alberto Alessi

Alessi, CEO/Director of Design

This is what Alberto Alessi wrote in a letter concerning the wine glass designed by EOOS:

“I love this glass for the humour behind its paradoxical approach, but also for the legitimacy with which a theme that has almost become grotesque in the world of the Arts de la table has been knocked down: the tendency towards an analytical approach in tasting glasses. (…) The seriousness of this EOOS

project, together with the humour and eccentricity that inspired it, fit perfectly with my private wine producing project, a rather ambitious project which I have worked on over the last decade and which, in a few years, will finally see the light in an official capacity, and this persuaded me to give the glass the auspicious name of ‘Alberto’s vineyard’.
I hope the name brings good luck to both projects!”

photo: Alessi