A1 Lounge
Fog Façade

Mobilkom Austria, 2004 - 2008

The glass front of the A1 Lounge, measuring 12 by 10 meters (40 by 33 feet), was the first façade in the world to be flooded to complete opacity with artificial fog. For the tests needed beforehand, a factory floor had been rented, where one third of the façade was assembled as a prototype. EOOS invited special effects experts from across Europe to experiment with the gigantic fogging project.

But the oil of the fog fluid dripped down the panes in one instance, and the glass panes nearly burst in another case. Finally, the right fog machine was found in Dubai. The ventilation engineer at the A1 Lounge constructed a closed climate zone between the glass panes so that the effect would be ideally showcased. When it was first tested on site, passers-by called the fire brigade …

photos: EOOS