Duravit, 2004 + 2011

The Duravit briefing simply specified a “corner bathtub”. In response, EOOS designed a new class of bathtub that can be put in a corner – but doesn’t have to be. “In our preliminary research, we found that corner bathtubs are often seen as a luxury, even though their useful volume isn’t greater by all that much. So we tried to figure out what actually constitutes the luxury of a bathtub,” Gernot recalls. What EOOS came up

with was the idea of a wedge-shaped ground plan for the tub that allows two people to luxuriate in the water next to each other – either leaning towards each other or gazing out across the water together. To make the time spent together even more luxurious, the extras include steps, handholds and neck cushions. The 2011 version of Paiova comes as a single block with a seamless acrylic tub radiating a new visual quality. 

photos: Duravit, EOOS