Inipi + Inipi B

Duravit, 2009 + 2012

Inipi is EOOS' way of rescuing saunas from languishing in cellars and letting them take their place in baths and living rooms. Taking up little floor space (only 235 by 117 cm – less than 8 by 4 ft – without the shower), the sauna's design is pure and transparent. Fundamentally, it consists of a wood frame with glass panes front and back. It is the back glass panel that sets the mood, as LEDs turn it into a sheet of light. What's more, EOOS has eliminated the need for a sauna stove.

The technology at the heart of Inipi's complex functions is completely hidden from the users' view. All heating equipment is concealed behind an edging board in the extension of the sidewall,
so that the controls, heater, fan and evaporator are always accessible, but never in plain sight. Incidentally, in the language of the Native American Lakota people, Inipi means "to live again" or "sweat lodge" and describes an ancient ceremony for purifying the body and mind.