The Name

Visitors to our studio often ask why EOOS is called EOOS. Certainly a name like "Bergmann Bohmann Gründl" or "BBG" would require less explanation. For Martin, Gernot and Harald, however, this option was out of the question when the company was founded in 1995. It needed to be a name that fits the common philosophy, and that can also be spoken and written well. One can almost call it fate that at that time, a copy of Ovid's "Metamorphoses" happened to be lying about in the office.

A work full of poetry, fantastic stories, and even more fantastic names – but not so thin! And so, right out of the index of names at the end of the book, one came immediately into view: "Eoos" (or "Eous"), the second of the four chariot horses of the sun god Helios. The symmetry of the four letters and two Os is still enjoyed. And Eoos' ride creates a beautiful metaphor for the everyday balancing act of the designer: everything happens between getting burned and getting lost…

photos: EOOS