Adidas Originals

Adidas, 2001

The classic designs of the 1950s to 1970s are the "originals" of the Adidas brand. EOOS was commissioned to develop a world-wide shop concept for this product range. EOOS' Adidas stores radically redefine the function of a shop by incorporating the buying rituals of the street market. Everything is movable, and there are no fixed fittings. As if in a street market, goods are exhibited, tried on and purchased on the spot. The principle is simple:

what you see is what you get. Rapid transformation is an integral part of this concept: display areas are used as seating, cash tills are transformed into DJ desks and bars: the store becomes a club. The scenario for the origins of this concept is a simple flea market: a place where you can browse through yesterday's products and transform them into tomorrow's trends. The products are displayed on large, low tables, as if laid out on blankets.

photos: Hans Georg Esch, EOOS