Plant 1

Mock-Up, 2008

In the course of the Vienna Design Week 2008, EOOS premiered its mock-up of an algae power station in front of the display windows of the boutique "Song" in Vienna's inner city. Plant 1 is designed in such a way that the biofuel regularly produced allows for the energy-independent operation of a fuel-efficient compact car. Environmentally conscious consumers can install Plant 1 directly in their gardens or on the roofs of their houses. 

Under optimum conditions, the microalgae in the reactor rods multiply continually. Using the esterified algae fuel produced by 60 reactor rods, a three-liter car could be driven for 10,000 kilometers per year. The carbon dioxide balance is neutral, as the amount of CO2 emitted by the car would have been metabolized by Plant 1 in advance. "Identifying options and ideas for the future - that, too, is an essential mission of design", explains Harald.


photos: Paul Prader, Michael Schagerl, EOOS


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