Walter Knoll, 1997

The Jason sofa program, founded in 1997, has been the starting point for the active collaboration between Walter Knoll and EOOS – and was one of the cornerstones of the successful company re-launching under the leadership of Markus Benz. The design of the Jason sofa is defined by the continual search for intelligent innovation, which both partners have pursued constantly: the framework hides an invisible mechanism by which the arms can be pulled aside and folded

horizontal, allowing an elegant transformation from seating to lounging furniture. Over the past decade, the Jason seating family has constantly evolved.
In addition to the sofa, there are now Jason and Jason Lite chairs, which are already considered classics in their own right. Moreover, the line has been augmented with benches, bar stools and tables. The Jason program has come to be used, for example, in the interior areas
the Berlin Reichstag.

photos: Walter Knoll

Walter Knoll