Bulthaup, 2010

On the search for the ideal source of light for working at the b2 workbench, we came up with the idea of a horizontal, floating line of light. By combining it with a first-class recirculation system, the Lichtlüfter (german for "fan with light") becomes a kitchen tool in its own right – and forms the backbone of a new category of products. When the air recirculation function is switched on, the two slats that run along the bar of

light open to the side and expose the entire intake surface. The aerodynamic side view gives the impression of the movement and compaction of the rising air. The mobility of the Lichtlüfter is of vital importance. Its position, hanging from two steel cables, can be adapted with very little effort. The Lichtlüfter can also be suspended directly over the dining table, responding to the individual needs of its user.

images: Bulthaup