Walter Knoll, 2010

TP-1 enables discussion circles at low, relaxed seating heights. In a workshop or brainstorming situation, hierarchical structures can occur in the background. When placed around a table, the back plates of the TP-1 chairs separate the interior from the exterior space, giving the conversation privacy. The shape of the back rest is inspired by the radar dishes of the U.S. Navy, and the seam visible from the outside is reminiscent of

a coordinate grid. Like a radar dish, which can be oriented in different ways, the swivel mechanism allows the angle of the TP-1 chairs to be changed quickly.  This enables the users to set their sights on new goals. The low back height of TP-1 invites you to place your forearms on the top, which in turn leads to a very open posture. This creates a gesture of curiosity and discussion readiness.

images: Walter Knoll

Walter Knoll