Keilhauer, 2011

With Boxcar, EOOS has designed a collection of sofas, chairs and tables that follows the timeless furniture form of the cube, but one that is broken into an upper and a lower part by a horizontal fissure line. While the exterior view of Boxcar reflects the linear geometry of the space, the interior embodies the ergonomics of seated people in the seating surfaces and back rests. The prominent fissure line allows space and light to flow

through the furniture landscape and also has a practical aspect when it comes to cleaning. The fissure theme is continued with the round side tables, whose pedestal changes in the middle from black to high-polished steel. The Boxcar sofas are available with or without armrests. In the latter model, the rests remain visible as little more than a rudimentary bevel, optically disconnected from the seating area by a vertical seam.

photos: Keilhauer