Duravit, 2012

EOOS achieved a new conception of bath furniture with its new bathroom series “Delos” for Duravit. Due to invisibly integrated console carriers Delos appears to levitate weightlessly. The apparent ease runs through the rear wall and the mirror, ending into a magically appearing, homogeny light surface. The rhythm of Delos accomplishes a folding, an opening into the room. A mirrored cupboard of mono-material blends in with its surroundings. The entire impression of Delos is defined in clarity and structure. The used materials suggest pureness

and at the same time technical perfection. The drawers work without handles and open automatically with a “push open” technique. The side walls of the washstand can be extended with towel rails which build a logical and sculptural framing of the console in ergonomic height. These full height cupboards also maintain the concept of airiness and graphical systematic. All of the adjustable shelves are made out of glass with an aluminum profile in the same color as the cupboard itself. This enables the carriers to disappear. Details that show great impact.

photos: Duravit