Patent & Poetry

The development of innovative and meaningful functions has always been important to EOOS. Aside from enabling poetic moments in everyday life, a product or piece of furniture should be "tolerant". It should react with an open mind to the users' - possibly changing - needs and wants. To date, EOOS holds 15 mechanical patents, among them for:

1 ... the shape of the universal wine tasting glass Alberto's Vineyard (Alessi)

2 ... the pivot mechanism of the Sguig office chair (Keilhauer)





3 ... the can opening system of Bull Spike (Red Bull)

4 ... the transformation mechanism of Living Landscape (Walter Knoll)

5 ... the pivot mechanism of Threesixty (Walter Knoll)

6 ... the pivot joint of the Vivo spot (Zumtobel)

7 ... the pull-out side wall of the Inipi sauna (Duravit)

8 ... the opening mechanism of the b2 appliance-housing cabinet (Bulthaup)

images: EOOS