MAK Design Labor

Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, 2014

Design has a duty to improve our lives. In this day and age it is

faced with the challenge of reconciling individuals’ pursuit of

wealth with long-term social interests. This includes sustainable

development, social cohesion, and lifelong learning. Digitalization

is opening up new freedoms, which should be used to create

positive change.*

The MAK DESIGN LAB is founded on this modified role for design.

Simultaneously it expands the concept of design that was coined in

the 20th century by taking previous centuries into consideration:

the function and use of objects take center stage, which in turn

means that historical arts and crafts become the subject of

present-day questions.

Essential for every product is the process of its fabrication: Production

therefore provides the introduction to the MAK DESIGN LAB.

Nine further subject areas build bridges between design and everyday

life and address areas of life such as Cooking, Communicating and

Transporting. In addition two areas are dedicated to Josef Hoffmann



The design of the exhibition by the design studio EOOS makes use

of modular units and enables the visitor to quickly adjust to the

subjects and developments presented. The MAK DESIGN LAB is

in a constant state of flux, and consequently will always have

something new to offer its visitors.

We understand design as an open and globally interconnected

laboratory that works toward solutions with the participation of

consumers. Accordingly our visitors are invited to actively

participate in and share their experiences with the MAK DESIGN

LAB, as well as contributing their own questions and suggestions.

A key role is played by the MAK FORUM. As a multi-purpose and

versatile communication area, it provides a space for activities and

debates with representatives from design, research, art, and business.


photos: EOOS

MAK Design Labor