Poltrona Frau, 2017

Our fascination for the eagle was the starting point for this project.

The most powerful image is the moment the eagle takes off the ground, this fraction of a second where the bird is between earth and sky: Leaning forward, claws still on the earth, wings under tension and body already in the air.

The legs are angled to the front and the forward – take off movement continues in the arms. By moving the beam out of the normal position more to the front and making the beam triangular it almost disappears under the seats and tables. Thus the tables and seats seem to be almost weightless and already flying. Aetos always appears as one unity and not as the addition of single parts, no matter which configuration is done.

The electrification is fully integrated in the system: The plug components are floating in the front between the seats and are very easy accessible and the wiring itself is invisible integrated in the beam.

photos: Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau