Nuki, 2017

NUKI (“New Key”) is the first robot by EOOS. It is mounted on top of an existing door cylinder on the inside of entrance doors and can be controlled via an app. NUKI takes over the job of opening and closing the door – it turns the mechanical key and pulls the latch when you approach. The door opens, as if by magic. The inspiration for EOOS’s design of the user interface was found in the aesthetic workmanship and the symbolic character of old locks. A glowing circle indicates if the door is locked or not, both in the app and on the door itself. When the circle is closed, then the door is locked as well.

When the circle is broken, then the door is unlocked. In the circle is also a button to activate the electric mechanism to turn the key. The outermost circle allows you to manually open the door in case of emergency. A digital key code can be sent but also withdrawn once again. In this way, the lock can find practical application in new usage scenarios like “shared spaces” or for mobile home care by help organizations.

photos: Nuki home Solutions