Keilhauer, 2017

The design concept of these standing height tables is the concept of 360 degree visibility and 100% honesty. You immediately understand how the tables are being built. You see the metal connectors and the footrest, you see the screws and then you understand.

In that way the tables could also be flat packed for transportation and the assembling process is very easy and understandable. There are no complicated hidden plugs in the table top.

We positioned them at the side and made them strongly visible. The tables get another strong visual element - almost a face. The table tops can stay without cuts and could be as clean and quiet as possible. The power is very simple to find and very obvious to use.

By positioning the legs at 45 degrees, they appear as lines and planes the same time. The shape of the legs also allow the cable to run down to the floor invisible at the inside of one leg.


photos: Keilhauer