Armani Cosmetics

Giorgio Armani, 1998 - 2005

Following an exhibition at the Galeria Carla Sozzani in Milan, EOOS was contracted to develop the global store concept for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. The concept was to cover everything from shop-within-a-shop installations for selected department stores to individual boutiques. A furniture catalogue was subsequently compiled, which has set new standards in the cosmetics sector. Rather than having to sit in the

entrance area with crowds of other shoppers streaming past, the customer can now sit within a booth, screened by large mirrors. A special display system was developed for the many distinct items of merchandise. This does not stand on a table (as is the case with many competitor products), but is uniquely integrated into the table. This way, the requirement for maximum peace and quiet expressed by Armani could be met.

photos: EOOS