The Cooked Kitchen

SpringerWienNewYork, 2008

EOOS takes forty kitchen utensils and uses them to reconfigure the entire world of the kitchen. Away from the well-trodden paths of design theory and design history EOOS deploys Poetical Analysis to describe the creative process of design and usage of objects. This design philosophy seeks out intuitive ­images, rituals and myths serving as a point of ­ departure for the creative process. Ancient myths meet with today’s high tech.

For this publication images of kitchens from different epochs (wood cuts, paintings, ­ photos, real-life objects) have been transformed so that they appear on a par with each other. We see them first as shadows, then endowed with signs of corporeality and materiality. This approach gives way to a completely new ­discourse of image and text, independent of time and space. A new philosophy of design.

photos: Paul Prader,
grafisches Büro