Concept, 2008

The idea for Supermarket emerged as a counterstrategy to the conventional logic of parallel rows of shelves to display goods, which is detrimental not only to the shopping experience of consumers, but also to their intuitive understanding of the arrangement of product groups. In contrast, EOOS proposes an organically shaped "main road" that runs through the entire store as a leitmotif. Structural elements of an archetypical produce market – such as stacked crates,

counters or awnings – are translated into contemporary, intertwining forms. The archetype that underlies any purchase of food is thus referenced, but not overemphasized. Unprocessed foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, are offered at the starting point of the "main road".
As you advance along the "main road", you witness a gradual, steady metamorphosis – all the way to the end, where you find canned food and jars of preserves.

photos: EOOS