Ritual Wood

Abet Laminati
Triennale di Milano, 2003

In cooperation with Italian laminate manufacturer Abet Laminati, which counts a powerful partnership with the Memphis group in the 1980s among its achievements, we created the installation "Ritual Wood", which was shown at the design exhibition Triennale di Milano in 2003. EOOS had set itself the goal of designing a new laminate surface and contextualizing it in a project. What we developed was an artificial, "infinite" forest

consisting of 16 "tree trunks" covered in laminate that were geometrically arranged in a hall of mirrors. The surface EOOS designed for the “tree trunks” references the traditional intention of laminate makers – to imitate wood as realistically as possible – but by depicting the transition from fresh wood to charred wood, it also addresses the transformation from one state of being to another, from life to death.

photos: EOOS

Abet Laminati