Plant 2

Concept, 2010

On display at Tokyo Designers Week 2010: Plant 2 by EOOS shows the concept of a future house for sustainable living. Aside from its sensor-controlled roof shading system and the room rotation mechanism for flexible space usage, Plant 2 also integrates a huge water tank containing microalgae in its architectural structure. Algae are the fastest growing plants on earth; in addition to sunlight, they are nourished mainly by carbon dioxide. Every single day, an algae reaping machine could harvest

about 30 kilograms of biomass from the tank. After automatic drying, the harvested algae can be burned in a combined heating and power plant. Their heating value is comparable to stone coal. While the living space gets warmed up by the waste heat, the electricity produced can be used by the inhabitants themselves or fed in to the public electricity grid. The carbon dioxide emitted from burning the dried algae gets led directly back into the algae tank. This way, a perfect eco-efficient circuit would become reality.