Trend Room Re-Balancing

imm Cologne, 2011

EOOS was invited by imm Cologne 2011 to present their vision of the future design trend "Re-Balancing". Re-Balancing breaks with consumerism and excessive affluence. The familiar accumulation of objects is juxtaposed to a systemic approach to a sustainable life as a positive future scenario. The fact that for its imm installation EOOS has used only one quarter of 80 square meters available points symbolically to the fact that we must reduce our

ecological footprint. This is visualized not only by changed consumer habits, but also by the consumer emerging as a producer. With three isles EOOS highlights key aspects of a future sustainable way of life: Urban gardening in your own greenhouse, carbonneutral processing using a bio-lung of microalgae, use of solar energy and rain water, locally produced goods and waste utilization in an ecological cycle.

images: imm, Lutz Sternstein, Andreas Körner, EOOS

imm Cologne

press release: imm trend board '11

interview with Harald Gruendl