Plant 3

Concept, 2011

Comparable to the archetypical fountain in the middle of an antecedent village square, EOOS brought together stakeholders from various disciplines and developed Plant 3 (Algae Community Power Station) as a new poetic yet functional facility for ecologically sustainable living scenarios.  Plant 3 combines a 450.000 l microalgae bioreactor with an automatic system for harvesting and drying algae biomass as well as a combined heating and power plant.  The energy regularly produced by burning the harvested algae allows for the energy-independent operation of up to 15 single-family houses. The CO2 emitted from burning the dried algae gets led directly back into the algae bioreactor.

The system is completely safe since the worst scenario possible would be that the algae become brown and die.  Regarding the current state of the project, a prototypical and fully functional bioreactor containing around 100.000 liters of microalgae already exists in the garden of Austrian algae grower Johann Staudinger (image 04), who supervised the technical conception of Plant. The next step would be to bring together the bioreactor with the harvesting and heating system to create one prototypical Plant 3 for the real-life context of an existing or intended community setting.

This concept was awarded with the Victor Papanek Social Design Award 2011.

illustrations & photos: EOOS

technical source: Johann Staudinger

Victor Papanek Social Design Award