idea garden


How can a creative company become even more creative, and how can a team of designers keep coming up with the inspiration for new ideas?

Since 2012 EOOS is a member of the EU funded project IdeaGarden. The aim of the project is to develop tailored hardware and software solutions to assist designers in their traditional, physical way of working. The integration of analogue and digital is a core theme in this project, on which six research institutions are working together in this 3-year project. In IdeaGarden, a modern environment is to be created to assist creative minds in their work processes.

Participating companies are making their practical knowledge of creative processes available and are testing the developed prototypes. The IdeaGarden partners introduce new technical aids (such as interactive walls) and specially developed applications that enable designers to concentrate on what is important – the development and communication of new ideas and concepts. IdeaGarden is thereby contributing towards improved understanding of creative processes and is assisting designers in the implementation of their projects.