A1 Lounge

Mobilkom Austria, 2004 - 2008

EOOS created an entirely new shopping experience for Austria's leading mobile phone provider A1 Mobilkom. The customer passes through a "fog façade" to enter another world. The hi-tech fog system produces various scenarios of transcendence according to the time of day. Once inside the store, people stroll among LCD tables. Each customer receives a "ghost mobile", a crystalline body sized similarly

to a mobile phone. By just placing it on the technological surfaces, he or she can make purchases by magically loading the real and virtual products into the transparent object - the actual, physical products are received at the cash desk. A "future ramp," where "future cubes" display upcoming products as holographs, takes customers to a metallic wing from which they approach the monolithic white bar and the lounge area.

photos: Paul Prader, Hans Georg Esch, Bruno Klomfar, Rupert Steiner