Duravit, 2011

To EOOS, wellness is a gesture. With Nahho, the gesture involves immersing oneself in an archaic, low basin to explore a whole new bathing experience - floating. The user is able to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness as he or she drifts into a state of total relaxation. The name "Nahho" derives from Old High German for "dug-out canoe". To enable a totally stretched out posture, Nahho features a special

headrest which has been inspired by the wooden neck-rests used in Ethiopia in earlier times. On the basis of this archaic model, EOOS has created a modern rest which gently nestles the bather's neck, thereby keeping the body above water. Those who prefer to have their ears underwater can simply remove the lower part and slide down further into the bathtub. An underwater sound module rounds off the experience.

photos: Duravit