This speculative design project explores the

possibilities of using food waste to again produce

energy for cooking. By means of a crank, the food

is reduced to small pieces and reaches a "glass

stomach" via a kind of esophagus. The fermenter

can produce 80 liters of biogas from 1 kg of organic

waste within 15 to 20 days. The energy amount

of 80 liters of methane is 0.44 kWh. The biogas of

the Kitchen-Cow is collected in a 400 liters biogas

tank and can be reused for cooking.


Three kilograms

of organic waste make it possible to use a

strong gas burner for one hour. With the amount of

organic waste one household (vegan household,

3 kg/week) produces, the system can substitute

one-tenth of our energy demand.

The object connects us with the fundamental

mechanisms of nature and encourages us to use

unused resources in an intelligent way. All vegetal

and animal waste in a household can be utilized

like this.