Poltrona Frau, 2015

Kompass represents the minimal form of an auditorium seating system. When the seats are closed, one only sees low walls composed of archaic leather elements, structuring the room in an almost architectural way. Since these walls bend forward slightly, Kompass gives a positive gesture of attention towards the presenter on stage. The lowness of the walls relieves the room; the view is not blocked by any objects. As long as the seats are folded, the functionalities of Kompass stay concealed within the elegant walls.

One may sit on top of them or even jump over them. When folded down, a perfect seat appears and the back rest automatically moves into position vertically. The leather elements between the seats turn out to be great armrests. The Kompass modules can be expanded as needed and can even be arranged in an arc by customizing the angle of the armrest elements. This seating system was originally designed for Matteo Grassi 2010 and is now in production by Poltrona Frau.

images: Poltrona Frau